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Basic Graphics Implementation

Overview When I first started this site I was originally planning to post about the construction of the engine along the way, what design decisions I made, and why.  Now that I am restarting the graphics portion of the engine it is a good chance to do that.  I won’t cover everything I do for [...]

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iOS Support

A few weeks ago I purchased a MacBook Pro and later began the arduous process of porting the engine to iOS.  My engine is organized into mini-engines, which are each their own projects (brought together into one master project) and build into separate libraries.  The sound library, terrain library, physics library, etc.  This keeps things [...]

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Style Guidelines

Overview I have been seeing a lot of questions lately about style.  Ironically, a lot of people have in the past asked me to make a style guide.  The reason I have refused for so long is because people can’t handle a style different from their own.  It is such a personal subject for some [...]

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Organization for Multi-platform Support

Overview Support for multiple platforms is a huge selling point for any game engine, and I consider this necessary for my project.  This article is about how to handle support for many platforms without creating spaghetti code.  L. Spiro Engine supports DirectX 9, DirectX 10, DirectX 11, OpenGL, and will support, OpenGL ES, Nintendo Wii U, PlayStation [...]

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