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[Update] Post Processing

Another progress update.  There isn’t much special to say about what I have added because it is fairly standard post-processing, but I felt a few screenshots would be of interest for anyone following this project.

I generally lay down a solid foundation before adding any features.  I could have added post-processing long ago but I wanted to make a more solid and organized framework for it first.  With that done, I will now be able to pump out new post-processing effects fairly quickly and I will finally be able to document my new colored shadow-mapping algorithm.

So here is the eye candy.  I lowered the bright cut-off limit to unreasonable levels to exaggerate the bloom effect.  It isn’t realistic, but I am a bit tired of looking at the previous graphics, so this is a nice change and it makes things look fantasy-like.

All of the above shots are from the PC version, some Direct3D 9, some OpenGL.  But all of these effects are available on iOS devices as well, shown below.

I intend to give users full access to the post-processing/shader features similar to how Ogre does it, so users of my engine will be able to fully customize everything as far as graphics go.



L. Spiro


* Model of the female generously provided by Kazuhiro Kinoshita, author of 3D Character Animation Manual and co-author of キャラクターをつくろう! 3DCG Magic.  Check them out, if you read Japanese.

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  1. Jerry
    August 15, 2012 at 5:55 AM #

    I’ve been checking out your engine. I must say its simply amazing !! And I like this blog a lot too. Very informative on things which are just not there on the internet. Thanks a lot !

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