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To-Do List

Postby L. Spiro » Wed Sep 14, 2011 5:52 am

Here I will keep track of all of the ideas I plan to implement into the engine. As tasks are finished I will make them berry red.
This helps me keep track of all of my ideas and also allows others to see what plans I have for engine features.

  • API’s/Platforms
    • DirectX 9
    • DirectX 10
    • DirectX 11
    • OpenGL 3.2
    • OpenGL ES 2
    • Windows x86
    • Windows x64
    • iOS
    • Macintosh OS X x86_x64
  • Models
    • Inverse kinematics
    • Forward kinematics
    • Animation blending
  • Graphics
    • Shadow mapping
    • Physically based rendering
    • Cascaded shadow maps
    • Cubemapped shadow maps (point lights)
    • Volume shadows
    • God rays (Crepuscular Rays)
    • Post processing (depth blur, motion blur, bloom, etc.)
    • Deferred rendering
    • Forward rendering
    • Mix forward rendering and deferred rendering
    • Colored shadows (shadows cast by tinted glass)
    • Multi-layered colored shadows (shadows that have different colors depending on the depth)
    • Real-time radiosity
    • Normal mapping
    • Anisotropic filtering
    • PNG support
    • JPG support
    • DDS support
    • Toon (Cell) Shading
    • Fur/Hair
    • Atmospheric light scattering
    • Bidirectional surface scattering reflectance distribution function
    • Bidirectional transmittance distribution function
    • Bidirectional reflectance distribution function
    • Bidirectional scattering distribution function
    • Kaiser mipmap filter
    • Screen-space ambient occlusion
    • Global illumination
    • Particles
  • Sound
    • 3D sound
    • OGG support
    • FX (echo, reverb, etc.)
    • Streaming
    • Occlusion
  • Physics
    • Ragdolls
    • Rigid bodies
    • Meatball physics
    • Vehicle physics
    • Cloth
    • Breakables
    • Ropes
    • Basic collision detection
    • Advanced collision detection
  • Script system
  • Geo Clipmap terrain
  • Geo Mipmap terrain
  • Buildings/Interiors
    • .MAP Files
    • .VMF Files
    • Convex room detection
    • Portal generation
    • PVS generation
    • Texture coordinate generation

To be expanded as I have time.

L. Spiro
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It is amazing how often people try to be unique, and yet they are always trying to make others be like them.
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Re: To-Do List

Postby JimC » Fri Sep 16, 2011 12:15 am

Do you intend for your engine to handle the scene managing stuff, like culling and ordering?
Are you writing your own physics libary, or using likes of Bullet?
Meatball physics? Is what.. I did google it and I remain unenlightened.
L. Spiro Engine, is this the final name of the engine? It seems a little egotistical or narcissistic to name a game engine after yourself, I mean that in a positive way if possible, If i could I would 8-)
Last question is are you writing this yourself? Which would seem overly ambitious but ofcourse more impressive if pulled off.

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Re: To-Do List

Postby L. Spiro » Fri Sep 16, 2011 9:52 am

Yes it will handle scene management.

I will be writing my own physics library. The point in doing so is so that I will not be bound by existing engines. I can add all the features I want, such as meatball and breakables. I plan to make buildings and terrain fully destructable, like in Battlefield 3, so I will need to roll my own.

Meatball physics is actually soft body physics. I was not paying attention while writing this list (I also added JPG support twice (fixed)) and I need to remove one or the other. Good catch.

L. Spiro Engine is probably the final name, but not out of ego. L. Spiro is not really my name. Spiro is Latin for “respirate” or “to breath”, so it means Lost Breath. This name is suitable for me as my lungs have collapsed a total of 6 or 7 times.
I like the idea of the engine name having a hidden meaning which is also personal to me.

I am writing this alone. Ambition is a good thing. It keeps one moving forward.
I plan to use this to start my own middleware company, so you can bet I am serious about the undertaking.
But I have plenty of nets installed should I fall short. The more important thing for me is that I am enjoying the journey.

L. Spiro
It is amazing how often people try to be unique, and yet they are always trying to make others be like them.
- L. Spiro 2011
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